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I suppose I should change. Who has my tux?””Um, your tux is at the Crystal Mall in Waterford. It’s about a thirty minute drive if you haul ass!”The groom and I stared each other in the eyes for a moment before I said the only thing I could say.”How do I get there from here?”I felt like an idiot, but I had no choice except to move forward.

Adding general purpose fertiliser is also a good idea, as are 2 3 applications of water soluble fertilisers. Hedge trimming and pruning depend on the type of shrub you have acquired. As a general rule, you can deal with this any time of the year for shrubs that do not produce flowers.

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Some clients, particularly those who were your first clients, may get annoyed when you announce you are raising your prices. They may believe you “owe them” for “helping you get your start,” and that your price increase is a betrayal. If the customer is one you want to keep, the way to de fuse the situation is to take the personal element out of it.

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