Roos secure semi final berth

Crowley is joined by the likes of Anthony Milford and Chris Judd, all former champions with the Dragons

The Dragons face off against the Warriors in the semi final

The Dragons are a class apart in their ability to score goals with their talented line up.

Having won the competition the team have gone on to take the Grand Final this year.

They’ll be hoping to maintain their good form heading into this year’s final after taking the Grand Final just once in 2012.

The Dragons take on the Warriors in this year’s Grand Final

While the Dragons will take on the Warriors in the semi final, the Dragons have a different strategy for beating them in this final.

The Dragons have shown they are well prepared and can take the pressure off of defence.

As the Dragons head into the final, it’s worth remembering that they may have a tough challenge to overcome.


The Dragons’ injury list is massive. Injuries include:

더킹카지노The Dragons will be without five out of their top seven players on their injury list, with the likes of Milford, Judd and Rioli sidelined with injury.

The Dragons may miss out on the NRL’s best and fairest because of the absence of three of the Dragons top eight try scorers.

It will be interesting to see who fills the gap in the Dragons line-up when the season ends.


This will be a big one for the Dragons as they enter the final of the NRL.

Having taken down the Warriors on home soil in the preliminary final and then winning the final, it’s certainly a challenge the Dragons face.

The Warriors will be well armed against the Titans and the Dragons. But there is a certain amount of confidence in the Dragons, h카지노 사이트aving taken six of their previous seven matches and lost just one of their last seven.

The Titans will also be hungry and are expected to be as competitive against each other.

It’s still early days, but it’s바카라사이트 clear that the Dragons are in good form heading into this final.